Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Instead of doing all the work of searching for agents to sell your property or finding the property you want to buy, we do it for you.

Belen Calleja AIP manages some of the most prestigious communities in the area: Las Brisas, Monte Mayor, Madroñal… Therefore, we are in the privileged position of having in-depth knowledge of all these communities and the ability to market them not only on the open market, but also directly to all the owners of these communities.

Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you can do. We are there to help. Our buying and selling service is second to none. Before we start with a purchase or sale, large and small personal communications and clear objectives must be established. We want to know your expectations and requirements.

We are proud of our reputation as an honest and knowledgeable company that can assist in all aspects of buying and selling. Our staff have over 30 years experience and the best contacts working in the property industry and are happy to help you find your new home or move from your current home.


Instead of having to trawl through all the local agents to find a suitable property or search for unsuitable properties or viewing options that looked good online, but in fact do not match your specifications. Our expert property finders do the legwork for you. They will provide you with photographs and details of properties that match your requirements. Where possible, properties will be viewed in advance to ensure your valuable time is not wasted. Our staff have over 30 years experience on the Costa del Sol and will be able to help you not only find the right property, but also provide you with local market intelligence, guide you on realistic prices and handle negotiations for you.


We will do everything possible to ensure that your property is being viewed by potential new owners. We will photograph and detail your property and market through a range of suitable agents who specialise in your property type and area. We will work through all aspects of the selling process and keep you informed.

We can also guide you through all the processes associated with buying and selling, advising potentials, solicitors, architects, construction, interior design, refurbishments, new builds, cleaning services, etc., everything you need to ensure a stress-free purchase of your new home.

Our concept is to manage everything on your behalf. We have systematic processes in place to keep you informed at all stages of your purchase or sale. Problems can be resolved quickly, simply and efficiently. Requirements, budget and time key components to find your ideal property.


With you in mind, Belen Calleja AIP is your first choice for everything related to your property.