Our work defines us

Home Administrators” because in essence, that is what we ARE.

The generic term “Property Administrators” fails to define the work and the goal we pursue in our company and that is why we decided to broaden it by implementing the term “Home Administrators” in our day-to-day work because, in essence, that is what we ARE.

What sets us apart?

  • 20 years of experience in the sector.
  • We are dedicated to managing and administering homes.
  • A clear philosophy of service and closeness to our clients.
  • Our values: transparency, firm and conciliatory management, friendliness

No problems, only solutions

Our experience allows us to anticipate these potential problems, tackle the causes before they occur and offer forceful solutions when necessary.

At Belén Calleja AIP we meet all the training, technological and legal requirements to be able to offer a quality service to our clients, without losing our personal touch.

Management of unpaid debts

Belén Calleja AIP has an effective legal and accounting protocol for claiming unpaid dues that will help you deal with the management of non-payments, always with total transparency and the utmost professionalism.

We specialize in the collection of defaulters both in Spain and abroad; not in vain the communities we manage are among the lowest default rate in Spain.

Transparency and communication

We report on the financial situation of the community on a regular basis. We assign a supervisor to each community to provide a single interlocutor who knows all the details.

What do we do?

  • Administration of communities
  • Home Insurance
  • Tax management
  • Legal advice
  • Real Estate Services
  • Construction and refurbishment
  • Property Maintenance

+ 40








  • 5%

  • of the Urbanizations in Marbella are managed by Belén Calleja
  • +12

  • million euros managed in budgets

How do we do it?

Belén Calleja AIP SL is known as an administration of properties 3.0, using digital media for most of our communications and the use of audiovisual material in the General Meetings.

We offer our own communication platform, where each owner has real-time information about what is happening in their community as well as the state of their accounts.

It is a platform for open dialogue between neighbours, president and administration.

We put ourselves in the owners’ shoes by visiting the communities we manage. In this way we can act before problems occur and it helps us to control and supervise the existing maintenance contracts.

Online quotation

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