Let’s change the world


Both because of Belen Calleja’s own character of solidarity and as a result of the number of individual cases that are known through the exercise of her profession, Corporate Social Responsibility occupies a fundamental place in the operation and growth of Belen Calleja as a company.

Therefore, Belen Calleja’s management is defined by its ethics and the establishment of business goals compatible with the sustainable development of society; preserving environmental and cultural resources for future generations, respecting diversity and promoting the reduction of social inequalities through a more equitable distribution of wealth.

We actively collaborate with:

Caritas Española: Caritas develops within Spain an important work of support and social promotion to various social groups in a situation of precariousness and/or social exclusion.


Food Bank: Although it is not, the Federation is organised with the same efficiency as if it were a large company in order to achieve its aims, which are essentially the collection of food and its distribution to the associated Food Banks. It works according to business criteria and, in addition to the Presidency and Management, there are areas of Commercial Management, Logistics, Finance, Legal, Volunteering, Communication, relations with other Banks… which make it possible to achieve the donation and aid agreements that are signed. The only distinguishing feature is that, as in the Food Banks themselves, most of its management team is made up of unpaid volunteers, retirees and early retirees, who contribute their time, enthusiasm and previous professional experience.



Belén Calleja’s Good Practice Guide lists, among others, the following actions:

  1. We only print what is necessary. Our commitment to the environment leads us to promote the use of digital media for any communication with our clients.
  2. We are a recycling centre. All our ink cartridges and any other printing disposables are recycled, both our own and those of our customers, whom we encourage to send them to us. The money obtained from the recycling of these consumables is used for social purposes. We act as intermediaries with companies that recycle batteries and melted light bulbs. We encourage our customers to deposit them in the containers we have in our offices for this purpose.
  3. Volunteer work with various charities.
  4. Given that many of our clients use their properties on holiday, Belén Calleja offers its staff to collect the perishable food they leave at the end of their stay from their homes and transfer it to the Food Bank or other social organisations.